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Important information for our holiday house guests

Thank you for staying in the Dorfblick. Here are a few important points to note.

  • Garbage must be disposed of in an official garbage sac. We provide one free of charge. Additional bags are available for individual purchase in the grocery stores (Migros, Coop, etc.) You can ask for them at the cashier. 

  • The garbage disposal house is approximately 25 meters north of the Dorfblick. Please only dispose of official garbage bags in this location. 

  • For glass, aluminum and metal cans and waste paper there is a recycling collection point approximately 100 meters past the post office on the left. Please dispose of your recycled waste there.

  • For PET bottles, there are collection boxes at the Coop and Migros.

  • Please do not leave any open food and drink in the apartment.

  • We do charge for broken dishes. Please inform us if you break something. The apartment will be examined at the end of your stay. 

  • Make sure before leaving that crockery, cutlery and other kitchen utensils are clean.

  • If furniture is rearranged, please return it to it`s original position prior to departure.

  • Please do not smoke in the apartments, not even with the windows open. Please enjoy smoking on the balcony, but kindly dispose of your cigarette butts properly.

  • Please ensure the apartment is in the same good and habitable condition upon your departure as it was on your arrival.


We thank you that you contribute to the apartment and the furniture-care and wish you a pleasant stay in our house.


The Kalbermatten family

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